The rhetoric of what…


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Curious about the topic of this blog? The short answer is that it focuses on a topic for a college course I teach at CU Boulder, which you can learn more about under the WRTG 3020 Flyer tab, above.

To jump right to an explanation of the topic, check out the WRTG 3020 Course Flyer in the top menu.

Or, here’s the short version: in this class we investigate everything you need to know to make sense of the Genderbread Person!

New Blog Address

Much of the material you’ll find here was previously available on gendersex.net, a network of blogs I used for my courses between 2009 and 2014. What’s missing from the new site are the class blogs and student projects.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of hackers, I had to disband the class blogs and am now using a private Google Site for my current classes. But you can still find the student projects here: DigitalWriting101.net/

Blog Content

Most of what you’ll find here are my brief sample rhetorical analyses of messages about gender and sexuality I found through social media. Starting with Spring 2014, students and I share these observations via a closed Google+ community, so I don’t know how often I’ll add new content.

But given that my internet nickname is “perpetual revision,” you can be sure I’ll periodically return to the site to make improvements as needed!


Feel free to contact me using the Contact Amy tab above. For more info on me or the courses I teach, visit AmyGoodloe.com